Peruvian Yellow Aji Pepper Paste 200 g


"… casi un milagro. Estupendo tener en casa ají amarillo listo fuera de temporada. Además, tiene un excelente sabor."
  • Peruvian yellow aji pepper paste: the fundamental ingredient in Peruvian cuisine.
  • No spicy! Packaged in the most natural and fresh way.
  • Straight from Peru: authentic Peruvian yellow aji pepper paste.

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The fundamental ingredient in our cuisine: Peruvian yellow aji pepper. Now we bring it to you directly from Peru in paste, so that you always have it on hand, so that you don’t miss it. The unmistakable flavor and aroma of our yellow aji pepper, packaged for you in the most natural and fresh way, and without spice! Real Peruvian yellow aji paste.

Discover the essential ingredient in our cuisine: yellow aji pepper paste directly from Peru. Now, you can enjoy at all times the unmistakable flavor and aroma of our yellow aji pepper, packaged naturally and fresh, without spice! Get ready to experience authentic Peruvian yellow aji paste, always ready to enhance your favorite dishes. Don’t be left without this culinary treasure, always have it at hand!

The yellow aji paste is a preparation that is made by grinding the delicious fresh yellow aji peppers and vegetable oil, creating a sauce full of flavor and aroma.

This yellow aji paste is a staple in many iconic Peruvian recipes. It provides a unique and vibrant flavor to dishes such as Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Ají de Gallina and Rocoto Relleno. It is an essential condiment in the preparation of our famous Causa Limeña and the delicious Peruvian Anticucho.

In short, yellow aji paste is a true culinary gem of Peruvian cuisine. Its spicy and sweet flavor, combined with its vibrant color, make it an essential ingredient to enhance the flavor of a wide variety of traditional Peruvian dishes. So the next time you want to add an authentic Peruvian touch to your preparations, make sure you have yellow aji paste on hand.

Ingredients: Peruvian yellow aji pepper, soy oil, water and lactic acid.

Nutritional ValuesPer 100 g
Energy0,13 kcal
Fat11,00 g
of which saturates2,50 g
Carbohydrate8,00 g
of wich sugars8,00 g
Protein1,00 g
Salt0,00 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Ximena Zavala

Muy buena. La utilicé para hacer un ají de gallina y quedó muy bueno!

Isabel Gallese Morey
Muy conseguido.

El sabor es estupendo.

Aurea Queralt
Ají amarillo en la alacena en Bruselas!

… casi un milagro. Estupendo tener en casa ají amarillo listo fiera de temporada.. y en Bruselas! Además, tiene un excelente sabor. Encantada de haberlo comprado