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Ajíes peruanos - Productos La Sarita

La Sarita. We celebrate and promote Peruvian gastronomy in Europe.

Eduardo Santillana and Carmenma Castro, a Peruvian-Spanish couple, passionate about Peruvian gastronomy and knowledgeable about its excellence and its basic food, “el ají amarillo” ―the Peruvian yellow chilli pepper―, decided to promote it in Spain and Europe. To do this, they needed this basic and necessary ingredient in Peruvian cuisine, the aji amarillo, to be available fresh and not just frozen. After years of tests and research into the cultivation of aji amarillo in Almeria, and once a quality chilli pepper had been obtained, they first provided it to Peruvian restaurants in Spain and then to the general public. They have become pioneers in the cultivation of aji amarillo and other Peruvian chilli peppers in Europe with the quality and rigour necessary to promote these products. To provide aji amarillo in Spain is to give restaurants the opportunity to make a more sustainable and high quality cuisine with a local product. For Peruvians in Spain, as for anyone far from their country, it is to provide them with the possibility of eating like at home, a very gratifying and emotional experience when you are far away. In its mission to celebrate Peruvian gastronomy, is to make its excellence and unique seasoning known to the public. This is why La Sarita sauces and creams have been created, inspired by traditional Peruvian recipes and other recipes where the mixture of chilli peppers and local products allow the general public to get to know the benefits of these chilli peppers and Peruvian gastronomy. Raising the Peruvian dining experience to the highest level will always be La Sarita’s goal.