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Cooked and shelled choclo corn 495 g

  • Irresistible grains: Large, tender and slightly sweet that will transport you to the best of Peruvian gastronomy.
  • Delight yourself with its versatility in the preparation of emblematic dishes such as ceviche, rice, soups, stews or salads.
  • 100% natural and without preservatives, guaranteeing that you enjoy corn in its purest state. Net weight: 495 g, drained weight: 320 g.
  • Peninsula
    • Up to 1 kg: 4,99 €
    • Up to 3 kg: 5,95 €
    • Up to 10 kg: 8,99 €
    • Additional kilo: 0,60 €
  • Baleares
    • Up to 1 kg: 9,95 €
    • Up to 3 kg: 13,80 €
    • Up to 10 kg: 25,92 €
    • Additional kilo: 0,99 €
  • Portugal peninsula
    • Up to 1 kg: 9,81 €
    • Up to 3 kg: 12,72 €
    • Up to 10 kg: 23,84 €
    • Additional kilo: 1,86 €
  • France, Belgium, Italy and Monaco
    • Up to 3 kg: 16,94 €
    • Up to 10 kg: 25,82 €
    • Additional kilo: 3,06 €
  • Germany, Holland and Luxembourg
    • Up to 3 kg: 16,99 €
    • Up to 10 kg: 26,94 €
    • Additional kilo: 4,68 €
  • Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece and Sweden
    • Up to 3 kg: 18,54 €
    • Up to 10 kg: 29,25 €
    • Additional kilo: 5,72 €
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🌽 Giant Choclo Corn from the Andes🌽: Considered one of the best corn in the world, our corn stands out not only for its size, but also for its flavor and its exceptional nutritional properties.

Why is our corn special?

100% Natural: Developed without any type of artificial preservative, guaranteeing that you enjoy corn in its purest state.

Annual Harvest: This corn is harvested only once a year in Peru, which makes it even more special and in demand.

High Demand: Due to its rarity and quality, our corn is highly requested.

Long Shelf Life: Enjoy its freshness and flavor for 24 months in your pantry.

With its generous size and white color, the juicy kernels of corn provide us with a spectacular and captivating view. At La Sarita, we bring you this culinary delight in the most natural and traditional way. Shelled and boiled with a touch of star anise, sugar and vinegar, corn arrives at your table ready to elevate your favorite dishes to an unmatched level. From the classic ceviche to irresistible rice dishes, soups, stews or salads, Peruvian corn adds a unique and exquisite dimension to each bite.

Peruvian corn is also a source of nutrition and vitality. Rich in carbohydrates, fiber and valuable vitamins, such as vitamin C and B, this majestic ingredient gives us the energy necessary to face the day with a smile.

At La Sarita, we are proud to share with the world the flavor and tradition of Peruvian corn. Every product we develop is a celebration of Peru’s culture and gastronomic heritage, and we are excited for you to be part of this unparalleled experience.

Ingredients: Corn kernels, water, sugar, anise and vinegar.

Once opened it should be kept refrigerated.

Nutritional valuesPer 100 g
Energy value113.71 kcal
Fats2.35 g
of which saturated0.24 g
Carbohydrates24.07 g
of which sugars3.90 g
Protein1.98 g
Salt0.17 mg