Ceviche Pack

The pack contains:
50 g of aji limo
100 g of rocoto
500 g of choclo
500 g of camote

Price: 9,90 €

Buy Ceviche Pack in Spain and rest of Europe.

With the Ceviche Pack you can take the necessary ingredients to prepare the principal dish of Peruvian cuisine: The Ceviche.

The pack contains:

  • 50 g of Aji Limo — Peruvian Ceviche pepper
  • 100 g of Rocoto — Peruvian red hot pepper
  • 500 g of Choclo — Peruvian corn
  • 500 g of Camote — Peruvian sweet potato

It would only be necessary to add the red onion, cilantro or coriander, lemon – in Spain we recommend buying lime -, salt and the fish of your choice (we like to do it with sea bass), to be able to prepare a classic ceviche, the one of a lifetime. From then on, what the imagination dictates. Bon Appetite.

You may also be interested in buying Aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow pepper), Aji Limo (Peruvian Ceviche pepper), Rocoto (Peruvian red hot pepper) and Huacatay (Peruvian black mint).

Price: 9,90 €

Price: 9,90 €

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